People in the path of Hurricane Florence

Days before then-Category 4 Hurricane Florence was projected to pound the Carolinas, government officials issued mandatory evacuation orders for areas expected to face a significant impact. However, of the more than one million people ordered to evacuate, not everyone chose to escape harm’s way.

Guierre Walton and daughter

For months, Guierre Walton and his concerned family were baffled about the mysterious illness wreaking havoc on the 26-year-old Las Vegas native’s body – and, Walton’s mother shared with AccuWeather, so were the doctors who ran multiple tests to try to diagnose what was ailing him. Walton had no clue what was going on.

Frozen surfboard made of ice

Normally when someone pours water into molds made of plastic and stores them in a place with subzero temperatures, they’re hoping to get a delectable frozen treat out of the process. For a pair of surfers/filmmakers and their friends who enjoy the thrill of surfing in the chilly waters around Norway's Lofoten archipelago, their recipe is pretty similar, except perhaps for the added seaweed and fish heads.

Canadian Forces Station Alert

Not many people could imagine braving a location situated in a climate so extreme that it is considered unsuitable for human habitation. Once you factor in the snow that falls all year round, the 24 hours of darkness during frigid winter months and the mere 508-mile distance from the North Pole, it’s no wonder that so few people live and work in Alert, located in the most northerly Canadian territory of Nunavut.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Brittany Boyer

Whether tuning into The AccuWeather Network or watching the forecast on your local news station, chances are that your favorite “weather girl” would much rather be referred to by her hard-earned title: meteorologist.

Kathleen Heller, AccuWeather's first female meteorologist

Decades before AccuWeather took shape as the international weather and digital media organization it’s recognized as today, it hit a major milestone with the hiring of one particular qualified meteorologist and graduate of The Pennsylvania State University.

Swimmer Ben Lecomte

On June 5, long-distance swimmer Ben Lecomte headed out for a swim in the Pacific Ocean; however, he’s not going for just any ordinary dip. The man who, in 1998, became the first person to make it across the Atlantic Ocean without a kickboard is once again attempting to swim an extraordinary distance.


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